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FutureMed – Day 1

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This week I am at FutureMed at Singularity U. Starting off as a great conference with an amazing group of attendees from all over the world (especially Brazil).

Dr. Peter Diamandis¬†gave the keynote — a positive speaker with his new book, Abundance, about to come out. Very future focused and inspiring.

Some themes and thoughts from today:

  • Capacity – we have seen a lot of growth in capacity in many areas. How do we develop huge amounts of capacity for health? The current models do not seem able to scale. We need to really innovate in models of care.
  • Challenges of mis-alignment between regulation / payment vs innovation – there needs to be ways to foster innovation and adoption.
  • Analytics and feedback are going to be key to the future acceleration. Particularly passive capture with¬†quick feedback loops. For both providers and patients appear to be effective. Asthmapolis is an interesting example.
    • GIS could help us better understand patterns of illness and its environmental causes
  • Cracking the behaviour change problems – a lot of what we struggle with in health isn’t the need for synthetic, 3D printed organs, it’s the need to get people moving, eating, and taking care of themselves. I am looking forward to more discussion on this as this is where I hope we can see major changes supported through consumer social health.
  • Integration across the silos. Generalism or working across the “ologies” (endocrinology, ophthalmology etc.).
  • Incubators – there are a lot of them around here in Silicon Valley. I have not seen similar support / interest in Canada.
  • Big and Small: Global and Mobile Health.
  • And of course, exponentials. Personalized medicine – genomics as an example.

These are just some quick thoughts, not capturing everything.

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February 6th, 2012 at 10:20 pm

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