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FutureMed – Half Way

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Half way through the FutureMed conference — it seems like there is barely time to process what’s being presented, but each morning I wake up with some new neural connections spinning into an idea.

Saw the WIMM Lab’s WIMM One device and saw several possibilities for research studies. This is a little android device with a 1 inch square touch screen and a bunch of other tech. Not as full featured as a smartphone, but smaller and cheaper and easier to ask people to keep with them.

The talks have been great and wide ranging from abundance to aging to genomics and proteomics — we are seeing and discussing some cutting edge topics with people working in these fields. I really felt the conference has been picking up speed exponentially since day 1.

Last night was the unconference and there were so many topics from around the world, it was great. Topics ranged from product ideas (web, mobile, medications, health system changes) to sharing global experiences to “let’s design how to improve the health of a city”. Great and heady stuff that went on way past my usual bedtime (not hard to do for those of you who know me).

Ironically, they everyone received a Lark. A sleep monitor! At first I thought how ironic (activities here start at 6:30 and last night didn’t wrap up until 11ish). Then I realized the sleep monitor (I scored a 9.4 / 10 for sleep quality last night but was scolded for quantity) wasn’t the business model – the alarm was. It is also a high tech alarm. I’m guessing Daniel Kraft had a hard time getting last year’s attendees to the first sessions on time. 😉


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February 9th, 2012 at 7:56 am

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