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FutureMed 2012 Wrap up Thoughts

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The FutureMed conference ended on Saturday (Feb 11) at the NASA Research Park. Successful conference?  I definitely feel like it has been an amazingly successful week. How to think about success for a conference like this? How about three ways:

  1. Learning
  2. Connections
  3. New Ideas and Actions


We were presented with huge amounts of data and information. Big Data was topic, but it really was how the sessions were arranged as well. I enjoyed the range of what was covered and glimpsed into some cutting edge areas. The closeness of genomics to practice was a key take away.

The working session with IDEO was a highlight for me as was the site visit to Kaiser’s Garfield Innovation Centre. IDEO was a highlight as, first, I’m a big fan of their work, but also it was a good chance to apply thinking and learning.

A lunch conversation with Alex Jadad was also a highlight. I appreciated that he did not know anything either (and that’s a good thing, right Alex?).

A lot of discussion on application of what was presented occurred in the breaks and meals between participants and that was great.



Amazing participants throughout the week – this includes faculty and students. The networking was in full force. Many amazing and energized people in so many areas of medicine, tech and beyond. I was quieter than I expected through the large lecture sessions (my gears were churning through ideas). Still, I found excellent collaborators and many like minded people in our group – I enjoyed all our interactions.

The twitter feed #futuremed was flowing fast and furious by a few participants and that was great.  There were several keen start ups looking for feedback, and I hope I helped them a little.


Ideas and Actions

So it’s only good if it spurs new ideas that translate into action.

I filled my notebook with ideas and bad sketches of products from information applications to devices. That ideas were pouring out throughout the week was a good sign of success. Many quickly were shared with new friends, micro-incubated, and revised. One idea bubbled up as a fantastic idea with what we felt was real potential. To use a favourite Silicon Valley term it’s a “startup in stealth mode”. So if that takes off and does half of what it could to change research, this would be a week well spent.

I’ll have to wait and see how much of this week translates into real action, but I suspect that there will be many actions that are triggered or changed from this week for many of us.

So this last week has been a successful week and definitely it is certainly memorable.

I’m glad to be a part of the Singularity University Alumni.

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